CFI Oral Prep


CFI - ASE Oral and Written Preparation Course

NOW Part 141 Approved!

This course is designed to aid the instructor student in preparing for the CFI oral and applying the fundamentals of instructing to flight training. This is an in-depth course covering the Instructor PTS from beginning to end, including material not normally found elsewhere. Student teaching is an important part of this course.

Course Content.

bulletCovers all 14 Areas of Operation in the CFI Practical Test Standards
bulletAll 72 tasks for ASEL in the CFI Practical Test Standards
bulletThe Practical Test Standards for Recreational, Private and Commercial Pilots
bulletDeveloping and using training aids
bulletStudent Teaching
bulletStudent critique and evaluations
bulletVideo taping for maximum learning
bulletProblem areas that have occurred on flight test
bulletPreparation for the Flight Instructor Airplane written test

Course Material

Five professional looking binders filled with materials that will help you on the flight test and on the job as a flight instructor. These binders are handed out as the material is covered. Attend all 13 weeks and receive all 5 binders.


Enrollment is limited. Advance registration for each class session is required to guarantee a seat in the class. Classes are kept small in order to maximize learning and student participation. There will be a teaching assignment to be prepared before each class. You can attend all class sessions or just the ones you feel you need. However to graduate 141, you must have at least a Private Pilot Certificate, attend all classes, and pass all tests.

When and Where?

This class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6pm to 10pm at Landmark Aviation Center, 14700 N. Airport Dr., Suite 215, Scottsdale, AZ for 13 weeks for the full course, though attendance is 'open' - attend any evening for specific subject matters you need.


The cost is $80.00 for each class session and advance registration for each class is required to guarantee a seat in the class. You can attend all class sessions or just the ones you feel you need. For less than the cost of an hour of dual you get 4 hours of ground instruction.

Due to the student teaching and evaluation included in this course, some classes may not complete all the topics listed. In those instances, they will be continued at the next class.

The schedule order is subject to change to meet the needs of the class.

For more information or to register, Please call June at (602) 569-0200

Note, This is a ground training course only. See your Flight Instructor for flight training.

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Last modified: January 11, 2014